Paradiso tells the story of the Virgil Corporation, a global mega-corporation led by a team of behavioral scientists who seek conclusive proof of the Escape Gene — a rare quality that raises extraordinary people above the ordinary. The Virgil Corporation has sought to isolate this gene for years. They believe those with the gene may help to lead our precarious species into an enlightened paradise of order, balance and peace. Do you have what they are looking for?

Paradiso: Chapter 1

See if you have what it takes to unlock the secrets of the Virgil Corporation and find your way out of their shadowy headquarters. Working with a distinguished staff of theater and gaming professionals we have crafted an escape experience like no other. Your experience will begin the moment you purchase your tickets. With multiple rooms to explore enhanced by skilled performers and state-of-the-art special effects — it’s like being dropped into the middle of a Jason Bourne movie. Test your skills. Expand your mind. Change your world. Good luck.

Tickets: $50.00 each

Paradiso: Chapter 2

A white room. A locked door. Twelve strange boxes. The second chapter of the Paradiso epic is a four-channel video installation immersion, which follows the Virgil Corporation’s cutting-edge research into the human mind. Preserved in this facility are the memories of one of Virgil’s most classified test subjects. Can you unlock their secrets before time runs out? Prove yourself.

Tickets: $35.00 each

The Path of Beatrice

The Path of Beatrice takes your immersion to the next level, bringing the world of Paradiso out of the walls of the Virgil Corporation’s facilities and onto the streets of New York. Experience a story crafted specifically for you. Enter a shadowy world of hackers, double agents and covert meetings. See the city in a way you never have before. A war is starting—whose side are you on?

Tickets: $300.00