Intro to the world of the Virgil Corporation

In the late 1950’s, the Virgil Corporation was founded to foster global peace and guide humanity away from what seemed, at the time, to be an imminent apocalypse. Part ecumenical religion, part business enterprise, the Corporation has become a sprawling company that still prefers to keep out of the public eye. While they exert a powerful influence around the world with broad financial investments and philanthropy, their Research Division remains their prize asset.

Every year, the Corporation quietly invests millions of dollars to study neural mapping and genetic sequencing in laboratories around the world. They are rumored to have made incredible breakthroughs but have kept their research highly classified.

Their true intention

In reality, they are searching for a way to isolate the rare quality that sets extraordinary people above the ordinary. They call it the “Escape Gene.” The Corporation believes that the people who possess this gene will be the key to guiding humanity away from the brink of global catastrophe and towards a peaceful, enlightened future.

But while their intentions may be honorable, their methods are dubious. The company has long battled a reputation as a cult. Some people even say that they force their members to submit to traumatic experiments that leave them totally unlike their past selves.

Launch of Paradiso

In the summer of 2016, the Virgil Corporation opened Paradiso, an “escape-the-room game” located within their Research Division Headquarters in the heart of Manhattan. The company, until then so private it was hardly known to exist at all, now insisted that Paradiso was merely a way to share its message of hope and balance to a wider audience. Many, however, are not convinced.

A dedicated group of hackers and activists have taken a dangerous interest in the Virgil Corporation and are committed to uncovering the company’s secrets, whatever the cost.


4-10 participants 60mins. 32 %


Paradiso: The Escape Test

"The actors make you feel as if you were pulled into a spy flick and you were its star secret agent!" - Dan M See if you have what it takes to unlock


4-10 participants 60mins 34%


Paradiso: The Memory Room

A gray room. A locked door. Twelve strange boxes. Paradiso: The Memory Room — the most recent addition to the Paradiso escape epic — is a four-cha