So. Much. Fun. The most entertaining hour I’ve had in a long time!

paradiso escape review - jessica s

A few co-workers and I did this as a team building exercise and it was awesome! Very detailed and interactive! It makes you feel like you’re in an action movie!!

paradiso escape review - Nathan K

The characters and environments in Paradiso make this a totally unique and interesting escape room! The journey from when you buy a ticket to the end of the experience is much more mysterious rather than the typical corporate team building activity.

paradiso escape review - Cayla S

This alone made my trip to New York worthwhile. Blown away!

paradiso escape review - Clarence K

Great experience. Loved the actors and loved the different concepts in each of the rooms.

paradiso escape review - vanessa g

The Path of Beatrice was one of the most unique experiences I’ve ever had in New York City! It felt like we were in the middle of an action/spy movie. The level of detail and customization was really quite incredible!

paradiso escape review - Jack W

My family is escape room crazy!! We go in every city in which we travel. Before this escape room our favorite was in Nashville (which is really amazing!!) but this one is our NEW FAVORITE!! It’s unique and unexpected….an element we were not expecting.

paradiso escape review - kim s

The actors make you feel as if you were pulled into a spy flick and you were its star secret agent. What an exhilarating experience from beginning to end. Best Escape Room yet!

paradiso escape review - dan m

Just did this today with friends. Loved it. Never really knew when it began or when it ended because we were so immersed in the mythology built.

paradiso escape review - Stephanie P

Hands down- one of the best hours of my entire life!

paradiso escape review - Ankur B

It was intensely immersive and so well-put together. The actors were all totally committed to their parts and added so many more layers to the experience. Parts of it were creepy, parts were disorienting, and none of it was boring.  I have done probably around 30 escape rooms over the last year (I am obsessed) and this is easily the coolest one I have ever done.

paradiso escape review - madeline S